Travel around the world, working together to amass 24,901 miles and pass through cities ranging from Paris to Dallas to Tokyo.  

Create a team for your company or jump into an existing team. Or, join the mix-and-match team WFF Mixer.

Start logging on March 1st noon local time. Your miles will boost your team and also help move the WFF avatar move along the worldwide route!

You can log running or walking miles OR log minutes of nearly 80 modes of exercise, which our software converts into miles on the route. You'll be exercizing with  435 participants from companies around the globe!  

After registering, you can:

  • See other racers' locations (optional) around the globe before the challenge starts.

  • Get Racery blinga digital bib and an award when the challenge is over.

  • Log lots of inclusive activities that convert into miles that advance the WFF avatar 24,901 miles around the globe.

  • Chat with team members.

  • Post a photo or comment on other racers' logs.

  • Recruit friends and colleagues to give money for Womankind by sharing your personalized P2P fundraising links. 

  • Compete on individual and team leaderboards for miles and donations.

Every racer gets a personalized digital bib (above) and finish award.

Before the race starts, virtual racer avatars appear at their "home" location on our online map. Then on 3/01/23, the group's avatar starts to move along the route, with a new unique Google Street View every time you submit an activity. 

Celebrate with a custom digital reward at the end of the race.

Race through WFF locations on four continents.

Once you've registered, follow the instructions we'll email you. The location you choose at sign-up will be shown until you log an activity.


email with any questions!